Multiple Font Awesomes

Just a quick question regarding Font Awesome.

I was this video and -
How to use Beaver Builder with Dynamik Website Builder Part 2

In a situation where I’m using a combination the Dynamik Builder theme, Beaver Builder, and the “Better Font Awesome” plugin - what settings do you recommend I set so I don’t have conflicts of duplicate scripts loading for Font Awesome.

I’ve been working with the Dynamic Builder’s version of Font Awesome turned off and haven’t had any issues, but as far as the “Better Font Awesome” Plugin goes - I noticed the wsywig text editor in Beaver Builder doesn’t work. I still have to go back to a post and - type my content out, then go back and paste it into Beaver builder.

Is it safe to have Beaver Builder version of Font Awesome (for other parts of the page) loaded as well?

Please let me know your thoughts.

Hi Michael,

If you’re using a plugin to load Font Awesome, you will probably want to disable Font Awesome in Beaver Builder to. So you don’t have multiple instances of the same script/styles. Although, I don’t believe there is any issue in having the two loaded, apart from impacting your performance slightly. However, I do believe it best to disable it in BB.

Unfortunately, the button for the shortcode generator will not be included in our Text module WYSIWYG, as third party buttons are not loaded, as they were causing issues.


Thanks for the Advice - you guys are awesome!

No problem, Michael. Happy to help!


Hi Danny,

I have enabled Font Awesome in Settings. However, when going to choose an icon, I get both Foundation and WordPress, but Font Awesome is just a big blank area where grey boxes highlight on mouse over. I’ve checked the BB plugin files and Font Awesome is in there. Just seems to be a disconnect between Page Builder and the fonts.

Any idea how to fix it? Thanks.

Hey Eric,

Do you have other instances of the FontAwesome assets loaded? Do you think you can share the URL of the page in question along with temp admin access so we can check?


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Hey Eric,

So the problem is here is that you have a custom CSS overriding the font-family of the fa class, which is what FontAwesome uses. Check the screenshot below for reference. Removing this custom CSS should fix you right up! :slight_smile:

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Hi Ben,

That worked! Got the menu icons back on BB as well. Thanks!


Hi Gone South,

Happy to hear your issue has been resolved and thanks for informing us, we appreciate it.