Multisite - Domain mapped (bb plugin not working)


My site running a WP multisite and using domain mapping plugin. By default, it will redirect the site to mapped (primary) domain. And the bb plugin will not working on that.

For example, subdomain mapped to when user login to and try to add/edit page then it will redirect to (fronted). And BB plugin not working on that.

Now the temporary solution I found is disabled this redirect feature one by one on the every sub-site’s domain mapping settings. Any others solution for this?

Best Regards,

Hi Calvin,

Thanks for posting! The issue here is usually that the user is logged in on one domain but not the other.

For example, if I logged in to wp-admin at, but the front-end where BB works is at and I’m not logged in there, it won’t work (since you need to be logged in to edit with BB).

Can you check to see if the user is logged in or not at on the front-end? Most of these domain mapping plugins typically have a setting for cross-domain login, so you may look into that.