multisite mapping

Hi guys, could you please help me with the following? I tried hard to find an answer but no result.
I am using WordPress MU Domain Mapping. My main Wordpress site is (shared hosting IP: and I want to give a subsite a new domain name I also set A Record of to IP:

When I visit it redirects to, but nothing shows up, the browser says: Server not found. Firefox can’t find the server at

Is it because of shared hosting IP or I did something wrong in domain mapping or A Record setting? Thanks

Hey Richard,

I’ve already assigned another member of the team to assist you with your concern.


Hey Richard,

This is a little beyond the scope of Beaver Builder support, but I can tell you that it does sound like something is off on your DNS settings. If you’re on shared hosting, that might be the issue, but I can’t be sure without checking out the setup myself.

My recommendation would be to first contact your host, and then try posting in the forums for the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin if they can’t help.