My first questions: cloning a website with BB

I am starting the walk with Beaver and I trying to replicate that website to learn a bit . Starting with BBTheme and BThemer for main layout, and then organizing content with BBuilder. Got some questions:

  1. I would like to add a left Vertical Nav on BTheme’s header layout including: logo, tagline, responsive navigation, social icons and contact — With little code as possible to go pure BB:
    i) – How could I add that extra content into the BBTheme’s [Nav Vertical header’s layout]?
    ii) - Is it possible to change that header’s width and padding?

  2. I have tried to add that sidebar via BThemer’s Singular layout, but then I am not able to use de BBuilder in those pages. (why?, is so limitating)

  3. Website’s boxed layout: how could I edit those boxed margin’s?

Thanks a lot!
It looks like those beavers are going to change my webmaster workflow :slight_smile: