My Slider shows 3 identical slides when I only have 1 slide And...

2 Slider issues.

Test site

  1. Duplicate slides on ipad and iphone, not on desktop
  2. iphone, slider background looses partial transparent background and turns solid black color

I am using a slider module with one slide. See “spend more time…” with purple button under header.

There is only one slide, but slider has 2 additional copies.

It has this behavior on an ipad or iphone using a swipe.

Can you help?

Another problem is when on iphone or ipad (in portrait mode) the background with 60% opacity is replaced with solid black color. I don’t want this.

How to fix?


OK I found the mobile setting to change slider background text and color on the slide, but it is only a solid color (no opacity) and wont display properly in mobile mode with the background image.

I guess this is a mobile limitation for the module?

The issue of duplicate slides still exists

Thanks in advance for any help

Hi Jon,

Is it possible for you to provide temp admin access, please? So we can take a closer look.

In regards to the mobile view of the slider this how the module was designed. When you reach a specific width, the text will appear beneath the slider.


[Content Hidden]

Hi Jon,

I have gone ahead and reported this to our tracker. However, I am not entirely sure why you’re using the Content Slider module when you only have one slide?

Why not just use other modules to create your content? Is there a reason for the using the Content Slider when you want your content to be static?


Hi Danny

I need the background color opacity setting for the module. The only modules I have found that do this are the CTA and Content Slider.

Is there another way?

If there was a way to use a text module and have a background with color and opacity that could be placed over my row background image that would be perfect.