nav bottom layout


Enjoying working with your theme and builder. I have a question about the theme. When the “nav bottom” layout for the header is selected the menu is positioned (justified) to the left (see sample default link below). Can you tell me how to make it right positioned (justified)? (see right justified link below)

default setting

right justified


Hey Darryl,

You’ll need a bit of CSS to accomplish that as that setting isn’t available by default in the customizer. Feel free to shoot over a site URL and I can take a look at providing that CSS for you if you like.


Yes sir… thanks

Hey Darryl,

Here you go!

.fl-page-nav-collapse ul.navbar-nav {
    margin: 0;
    float: right;

You’ll probably also need a media query or two to remove the float on smaller devices, just FYI there.


That’s perfect… thanks so much.

You are very welcome, enjoy! :slight_smile: