Need another date format for the post module

Hello, I’m using the post module (layout style “feed”) and I’m showing the date (found under post info). But I can’t choose the proper date format for the german language. It would be great if could choose from these three formats:

  1. September 2015
  2. Sep. 2015

Any (update-safe) solution would be welcome.

Greetings, Roland

Hey Roland,

Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

I’ve already submitted a bug/enhancement report for this. Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile:


Hello, in the Change Log I saw that there is now a default option to the date format setting in the post modules: When set to default, the date format set in wp-admin will be used.

Either I don’t understand where to set the date format in wp-admin, or this enhancement is buggy. When I set date format to “default” I get something like “10Europe/Berlinfam000000Samstag31”.

Hey Roland,

I’ll have the guys check in on this again. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for the heads up!


Hey Roland,

I’m only able to recreate this issue on my local dev environment. Are you getting the same thing? I’ve tried it on a live dev URL and it works fine.


Hello Ben,
the problem exists on a live site. See (You have to scroll down a bit, it’s on the left side of the table).

Hey Roland,

Just letting you know I’ve already bumped the bug report for this.


Hey Ben,

I just looked at the code and I could find the bug within five minutes. In “/bb-plugin/modules/post-grid/includes/post-feed.php” on line 26 you can see:
but it must be:

Of course the bug has nothing to do with the kind of installation, the bug exists on local and live environments!

So I must tell you that I’m very disappointed. The agency package of beaver build is not what I would call inexpensive, but the support consists only of friendly but unhelpfully words.
Do you have any idea why I should pay for beaver builder again next year? Or even recommend it to other people?


Hi Roland! Thanks for your suggestion here. As Ben mentioned, we have a bug report for the issue and we’ll do our best to squash it ASAP.

While our developers spend lots of time in the support forums here, not all of our support team are developers. I am sorry you didn’t find Ben’s response helpful. If you have any suggestions on how we could better manage this type of request, we’d love to know. We’re always looking to improve on our support. :slight_smile:

Hi Roland.
Why not search Google and find this for example:

We work with Beaver Builder since a year now and our post dates are as we like them - but if you don’t know WordPress it’s sometimes difficult to work with even a simple product like Beaver Builder.

Hope this helps,

Hi Leo,

the problem is not that I don’t know WordPress - this bug is related to a module that belongs to the beaverbuilder plugin. And I don’t like to patch any plugin because with the next update my bugfix is gone.

I’m not new to WordPress but I’m new to beaverbuilder. So I started to get a hint in the support forum for beaverbuilder. I thought it’s the right place to get an answer, not Google.

Compared to other WordPress solutions, beaver builder is an expensive product. I asked for help over 4 weeks ago and meanwhile my customer became impatient. It’s not my job to google around and to fix bugs. For 400$/year I expect a solid and stable solution and that my problems are taken seriously.

And what means ASAP regarding to a one line bug? Over 150 hours and no solution? If this is the way you handle support it may happen that I loose my interest in working with beaverbuilder.

Hey Roland,

My apologies, there seems to have been a little miscommunication on our end. I did release a new setting for all of the post modules on October 6th to address this. That allows you to use the default date set under Admin > Settings > General, but it looks like that’s not working for you either. Ben had mentioned it to me, and I missed that, but we’re on the case now. We’ll post back here when we have an update.


Hey Roland,

Ok, I’ve found the issue. It looks like we missed the change in post-grid/includes/post-feed.php. To patch this, in that file, change line 26 from this…

<?php the_time($settings->date_format); ?>

to this…

<?php FLBuilderLoop::post_date($settings->date_format); ?>

That fix will be available in the next update. My apologies again for that hassle.


Hey Robby,
yes, I have a suggestion on how you can better manage support requests: you should read carefully. Look at my post 56041. Compare my solution with Justins bugfix. The same, right? So I delivered the bugfix to you already on a silver tray. That’s why I don’t understand the answer from Leo who reproaches me that I don’t know wordpress. Did he read my post? :slight_smile:

Hey Justin, thank you for the confirmation that I found the correct bugfix. I would be glad to see it fixed in the next version so that I don’t have to patch the file over and over again after every update.

After all I hope that the beaverbuilder team will take bug reports more serious.

Roland, Justin jumped in a bit late and obviously missed your post. We’re all doing our best to help and no one meant to offend. :slight_smile:

There was a communication issue with the original bug report that Ben submitted, otherwise this would have been fixed long ago. We do take bug reports very seriously. Sorry again for the trouble and thanks for the heads up.

Hi Roland. Just wanted to give you a heads up that we patched the bug in an update today ( Thanks again for letting us know and sorry for the delay. :slight_smile: