Need help with changing top menu logo settings

I have a problem i can not seem to find a way to fix.

I am using Automator skin
The problem is the top menu area that stays in place when you scroll the side down.

I have a text logo two words colored Red then the menu is under that all on the left.

When i scroll down and the menu changes and sticks to the top of the page it is all wrong.
The text logo is now black i can not find a place to change it to Red.
The text logo words are then split onto two lines making the top are much wider now and the text logo not look right.
Then the menu that was on the left jumps over to the right now.

So how can i fix the color to be Red on the stuck to top of page menu.
Fix it so the two words of the title stay on the same line.
And keep the menu under it on the left?

Sorry i can not post a link to site i am working off line on this using desktop server.

Will you all be coming out with more theme versions ? would be great to see more menu setups.
Can something like this be done with the menu over the top of a slide show image.
And then stick to top when it is scrolled and on other non slide show pages


Hi Edward,

The theme options that are available with the Beaver Builder theme can all be seen in the Theme Options panel. Anything beyond those options would have to be done with custom CSS. Essentially, it is a matter of using web inspector or firebug to target the classes of the Beaver Builder theme and change whatever you need. Any custom CSS can be placed in the Code tab of the Theme Options panel or you can opt to use a child theme for customization.

We do have some enhancements to the Beaver Builder theme on our roadmap for early next year and you are always welcome to add feature requests or ideas here if you like.

Re. the example you sent, that is certainly possible and something I have seen a few of our customers do with custom CSS, however, not with the sticky header.


I still can not get it to work like this samples site that was posted.

I would like to get my menu and top area to work like this with the roll over colors.
Can i do that with a BB theme i can not find one that i can get set like this.

Hi Edward,

I believe what you are looking to do is possible with custom CSS. Unfortunately, we do not offer support for custom CSS items in this forum. You are welcome to drop us a note via our agency website,, if you would prefer to hire us to do some custom CSS work for you.