Need other plugin with Genesis / Dynamik?

I’m using Genesis / Dynamik and beaverbuilder (which is great) with the current WordPress version (4.2.4).

I’m having weird problems, so I’m trying to permanently deactivate unnecessary plugins.

I’m using the plugin “Dynamik Website Builder and Beaver Builder Integration”
I am not using any templates.
Do I have to use this plugin? Or will beaverbuilder work without it?

I’m assuming beaverbuilder works with WordPress 4.2.4 and that I can routinely do minor WordPress updates (within version 4) without worrying about beaverbuilder working with the update – correct?

Hey Daniel,

I haven’t used that plugin so it’s hard to say what it will affect in that case. Worst case, give it a shot and see! :slight_smile: Alternatively, a new plugin just surfaced to bring Genesis and BB together nicely. Check it out if you like here! We generally stick to using our theme in our client sites just for reference.

Yep, we always test against the latest WP versions before they release so you should be just fine there!


Billy – thanks for the quick reply. Are you saying that Genesis and BB won’t work together nicely without an additional plugin? My client’s website is not full-screen width. I am not using any BB template – I’m only using the blank pages.

Sorry for the confusion, not at all! They should work just fine together!

Hey Daniel,

If the problem you are referring to is not being able to go Full Width using BB on Dynamik/Genesis, you can use the plugin posted above by Billy. I’ll just post the entire URL of the plugin here as well.

Let us know if you need anything further.