New Install - Not Working

I’ve just installed Page Builder and when I toggle the editor to use Page Builder, I see the interface, but none of the Templates when I click the Templates button, none of the Row Layouts show when I click that feature.

I deleted and reinstalled the plugin without any change in the issues.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for contacting us, apologies for the inconvenience! What theme are you using and would you be able to share a link so we can take a look?


Thanks for the lightning fast response! I’m ousting Genesis with the Agency Pro child theme. I want to use on inside pages for this site under development at -

Hi Brian, I believe this may be related directly to WP Engine. Have a look at this thread ( and give the suggestion Nicolas mentions a shot as I believe that may clear this right up. It sounds like you are experiencing the same thing. Let me know how it goes!


Thanks, Billy, I’ll take it up with WP-Engine! Great work on the Page Builder features and layouts!

Thanks Brian! Let me know how it goes and if we can be of assistance!


WPEngine said to add this plugin -

The plugin needs to use the $pagenow variable … do you know the easiest way to find that value?

Hi Brian! In the plugin you linked, (once you’ve uploaded it to your server) try changing this line:

$heartbeat_allowed_pages[] = 'plugins.php';

to this:

$heartbeat_allowed_pages[] = 'index.php';

Let us know if that works for you. We’re actually planning an update that will fix this issue without the need for an additional plugin. So, worst case we’ll be able to have this all resolved on our next update. Sorry for all the trouble!

The page I want to use Page Builder on is not the home page, it’s

That should still be okay. Give the code snippet I pasted a try. The index.php file gets hit any time a page is loaded on the front end of WordPress, so hopefully that will do the trick even though you’re working on the services page.

That didn’t work for me. When I click the “Page Builder” tab, the URL briefly changes to before resolving to

Hi Brian,

My apologies for the issue! We’re going to release an update that checks for the availability of WP’s heartbeat API before trying to make use of it. It is used for an auxiliary feature (post locking) so disabling it won’t break anything.

The update won’t be out today, so for now, you can disable it by commenting out the following line in wp-content/plugins/fl-builder/js/fl-builder.js on line 196…

$(document).on(‘heartbeat-tick’, FLBuilder._lockPost);

Commenting it out should look like this…

//$(document).on(‘heartbeat-tick’, FLBuilder._lockPost);

Let me know if that doesn’t help.


Hi Justin,

That fix - to fl-builder.js - didn’t work for my install.

I’ve asked support at WPEngine for help in getting the global $pagenow variable for the page I’m most in need of working on today.

Can you try clearing your cache? The browser might be pulling in a cached copy of fl-builder.js. Let me know how that goes.


I cleared the cache and reset file permissions as well. I’ll do both again.

Thanks, Brian. If that doesn’t work, can you copy/paste any console errors you are getting?

“NetworkError: 404 Not Found -
TypeError: wp.heartbeat is undefined


fl-buil…r=3.9.1 (line 66, col 12)

Any chance you can set me up with a temporary login?

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