No columns, all template design in one row since going live!

Hello everybody, I’m new to beaver builder, fairly new to wordpress. Originally a print designer. I have an issue at the minute that I have been trying to resolve since Sunday. I have designed my personal website using beaver builder. I designed it locally using mamp. It looks great locally as soon as I uploaded all it all the page information disappeared, i.e it has put everything into one row on every page. I’ve talking with tech and trying to sort it out but no joy yet. Last night I realised its because I have built my site using the blank page as the template, so this morning I went into the local site and created templates for every page with the intention of loading new templates in place of the existing. However this hasn’t worked as the templates now just load up blank. Any help would be great. I’m currently in the job market and having been applying for jobs I’m seriously stressed out at the thought that potential employers will find an empty website! thanks in advance

Hey Sam,

Sorry to hear about that but I believe we have already dealt with this issue via email. Do we have your permission to mark this as resolved?