No modules appear when Beaver builder activated

When activated none of the modules appear. There are javascript errors (‘Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘top’ of undefined’ and ‘20-layout-partial.js?ver=3660e0280348957dc939db04ff57f56a:82’ ) that reference the BB cache folder but this folder doesnt exist. Deactivating BB allows the content to appear but of course without any of the styling.

This has only recently happened on a site that has been running for a year. I have tried turning off all plugins except beaver builder but that makes no difference.

I have to say I am glad I stopped using Beaver builder a year ago and moved to Elementor as this plugin seems to have so many issues now. However, I still would like to solve this issue.

You say the cache folder does not exist, maybe thats the issue right there. Also dont see any 404 or reference to that layout file, also you have rocketloader on the site, which breaks more than it helps.

Do you have a ticket open?

Yes I am presuming the cache folder not existing is the issue but why isnt Beaver builder generating it?

Also, what is rocketloader?

It is something you enabled in cloudflare,

Looking at backups of the site for the last year, the cache folder has never existed. However, the console is referencing files form the cache folder and clicking on them brings up javascript. Where is this coming form if the folder doesnt exist?

Without seeing the site I dont know.

But JS files cannot load from a folder that does not exist, thats impossible.