Non-attached file (on medias) to hide path to wp-content

I’ve noticed that we can see the path of the files and medias below browsers wp-content/uploads etc…
When creating galleries, the option “not attached” is not available (path).
That’s not good for security nor image of the site.
How can we hide this path

A suggestion for forum > I wanted to show you screens to precise my question but we can’t, maybe it’s too complicate ?


Hey Frédérique,

I’m not really sure I get what you mean re option “not attached”. Is there a page you can link that exhibits this so I can check? I’ve assigned another member of the team here as well to check but it would help if we have more info.

Re screenshots, you can upload them to imgur then paste the link here.


Hello Ben

You normally attach or not a media - which allows or not the path :

We normaly want to hide it for security…

Hi, hi :slight_smile:

Gotcha. That’s actually the link you place on the image. On the Gallery module, simply set the Click Action to None and that should fix you right up! :slight_smile:


Of course Ben, but that’s not the good solution !
Because it disallows the viewer and Lightbox and you just set a grid of images…
The interest of gallery is to zoom on images, not just having a grid.
I’m not sure it’s satisfacting like that.

Never mind I’ll check my .htaccess file to securite my files…
Have a nice day !

Hey Frédérique,

Based on the screenshot you sent above, setting the media link to none wouldn’t allow for a lightbox to function as well and I thought you were fine with that, hence my suggestion. Or I could be wrong. Do you have a page you can share which doesn’t show the link on the status bar but does the lightbox stuff?

Actually, if you really want to get rid of the image link, simply hiding it on the status bar won’t do. We can always check the markup and we can easily find the link there. We could also right click on the image, and do Copy Image URL.