None of the Video Modules working

Please, visit this page and tell me which of the modules I’m currently using could be causing a conflict or why don’t the video modules work. The video doesn’t play, only shows a still picture or the poster if I put one on different devices. I tried the video modules from Standard Modules, PowerPack Video Module, and UABB video module. None of them play properly on PC using Chrome, Edge or Firefox. If you reload the page the video will auto play (PowerPack Module only). or in editing mode, but how will the viewers know to refresh the page to properly see the video? There are no issues on mobile devices Android or IOS, using Chrome or Safari.

There are no videos on that page, there are 10000s of javascript errors coming from gravity forms and reaptcha , have a look in the browser console.

That’s right. I should have made it clear that there is no video module currently published. I needed that page live by then, so I couldn’t keep any of the non-working video modules on it. 1/4 of the visitors use PC and Chrome, and since videos don’t work on that combination unless you refresh the page, or it randomly works or not on iOS mobile devices on Safari or Chrome, I’d rather not keep them on. I wanted to know if any of the modules I’m using on that page could cause that conflict. If you saw the homepage, there is a PowerPack Video and it autoplays and loops without a problem.