Not finding my-plugin/my-module/css/frontend.css

I have followed all of the documentation for building a custom module, it all seems pretty straight forward. However, I seem to be missing a couple of small things.

Two issues:
No CSS rules placed in my-plugin/my-module/css/frontend.css (example file path) are not being found, or even loaded. However if they are placed in my-plugin/my-module/includes/frontend.php under a style tag they work fine.

Same is happening with javascript placed within frontend.js.php. Basically everything front end related has to be placed within the frontend.php file, and no other files get referenced.

What am I missing here?

Edit. Sorry my-module/includes/frontend.css.php is the one not found

Nevermind. Documentation doesn’t state that you have to edit the module in the pagebuilder front end to reflect new changes. Must be some sort of caching.

Hi Fernando,

That is correct, caching is causing the issue here. We’ll be working on a way to disable caching for dev soon. Sorry for the hassle.