Not working on mobile devices and fatal error trying to upgrade

A couple of things that are a problem, but first I just built a site with the free version of BB and thought it was amazing. I’ve been building wp sites for about 5 years and Dynamic Theme Builder on Genesis is my go to platform. BB is a great addition to the team.

Now for my two problems.

  1. The site looks beautiful on my laptop. Sizes responsively all good there. But when I try any device the site breaks. Here’s the link.
    I disabled all of the plugins except for BB and deleted all of my custom CSS and there was no change.

  2. I decided that I would upgrade to the paid standard level and when I tried to install the upgrade I got a fatal error. - Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class FLBuilder in /hermes/walnaweb14a/b2827/moo.ehine/halagandesign/hdgnewdesign/wp-content/plugins/bb-plugin/classes/class-fl-builder.php on line 8

Found instructions about delete old version of BB which I did and standard version is installed and working fine except no responsive on any mobile devices.

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Hey Paul,

Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

I just checked the homepage of the site and see that it is responsive. Did you figure it out or am I missing something? Is there a specific page you need us to look?


It’s definitely not working on my iphone 5 or my ipad. The width of the content is not being responsive. It works fine on my laptop when I scale change the page width, but not on the devices. I also used browserstack to check.

Hey Paul,

It seems to work when logged in. I’m thinking non-logged in users are seeing a cached page. Can you clear the cache, or perhaps disable it real quick, then visit the site on your mobile device and see if you get the same thing?


Found the problem in the css. It showed up in the inspector when I logged out. Thanks

Hi Paul,

Happy to hear your issue has been resolved. Out of curiosity, what was the problem with the CSS?