On a 3rd party theme, does BB use its own default grid width?

Trying to understand where the fixed width size comes from on a 3rd party theme.

I was testing BB on top of Headway tonight with a friend who’s interested in it.

We set up a content block in HeadWay. Then the wrapper was set to Fluid (Full Width) and the content was ALSO set to Fluid, so full width too.

Then, I added a few templates to the content, and the content had some fixed settings that maintained it in the middle.

Shouldn’t it have stretched to the sides of the screen?


Found it!! In Tools - Global Settings.

Is there a way now, to override this, to adjust this max width on a module/block basis?

CSS using the specific block ID I presume :slight_smile:

Hi nomad,
every row, column and module has a dedicated setting for this, so you don’t need to rely on node IDs.
Click on the wrench icon for a certain element, open the advanced tab and use “CSS Class” to apply a custom class to it.



Yes, of course, but I’m thinking of the regular user, my client.

But yes, it’s doable with CSS of course.

Perhaps you can pre-define some classes for them to apply on rows, each with a different max-width value, something like fixedbox-m, fixedbox-l, fixedbox-xl… thinking at my customers, that seems easy enough even for non technicals.

Yes, it’s what I was thinking too. :slight_smile:

Something like width10, width20, up to width100 for % for example.

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Hi Matthew,

You’ve marked your reply as private, so no one, including me, can see it here.

Luckily I receive a copy in email :slight_smile:

Yes it can work fine, it’s not quite 100% but can easily be. I have Headway and Beaver Builder running together here: http://impotfabreville.com

I simply used a full width content block as the only block in Headway, apart from the header and footer.

If you’d like to talk Headway, give me your email address in a private reply :wink:


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