Padding / margin elements

Hi Beavers,

I have noticed that when I add padding or margins on an element (let’s say a header text), the little blue box (identifying the location of the element) does not move together with it. The header will move up or down but the blue box won’t. Before I would just guess where it is on the screen so I can make any edits but recently (after running a speed optimization for our page at, I noticed the blue box will only show when I highlight the header (wherever it is located on the page) but will stop sohowing as soon as I move the mouse down or up to reach out to the blue box - making for a very frustrating moment - and also meaning that as soon as I apply too much padding / margin on an element, I won’t ever be able to reach the blue box (and therefore will never be able to edit / move or delete it). So I have to delete the entire row and start all over again. Any idea how to fix that ?

(Sorry I would love to upload screenshots to it’s clearer but my Internet is incredibly slow atm)


Hey Julien,

Awesome Website you have there. Great job. Sorry, I don’t quite get what’s wrong here. Could you probably replicate the issue on a test page? Then, share your Website temp admin access so I can have a better look at the issue.