Page Builder is not working for me.


I installed the page builder plugin on my website today. When I choose page builder on any page and it redirects me to the front end where I can customize it, I am not being able to access any of the functions. When I hover over any of the options, nothing is happening.

Any help?

These are the errors I am seeing

window.controllers is deprecated. Do not use it for UA detection. ace.js:1:0
Empty string passed to getElementById(). jquery.js:2:0
TypeError: is undefined

Hmm, this sounds familiar actually. Do you have any pages that contain the same permalink or URL by chance, active or trashed? If so, go ahead and permanently delete any that are the same. Let’s also rule out caching. To start, re-save your permalinks and make sure it is set to post name. From there, clear any site cache you have and the BB cache via settings > page builder > cache. Let me know how that goes and we’ll go from there!

Also, have you tried disabling all plugins and then testing BB by chance?



I just deactivated all the plugins and I saw that it was happening due to the Canvakala plugin I have. Once this is deactivated, everything works fine.