Page Builder not loading after SSL error search and replace fix

I had an issue after adding a Lets Encrypt SSL certificate where some of the content was still being served as http, so after finding a suggested fix, used Better Search and Replace plugin to find all the instances in the database switching to ‘https://’ instead.

So now, all works fine on the live site with the security certificate, except when I go back into the page (one page website), Page Builder doesn’t load anymore. I can see the page as if its in preview mode, but there are active boxes/tools/menu.

To check, Ive also tried making a new Test page and editing it via BB, but it says the page doesnt exist . (its still there in draft form back in the WP editor).

I’ve cleared the BB cache, and disabled the only plugin I’ve added recently (all was working before), and no change.

I presume the search and replace has changed some stuff to https it should have left as http?

Would like to avoid going back to an earlier backup copy as the SSL will still be broke…


Any help greatly appreciated!

I think I would delete the plugin and reinstall as if it were new.

I might have to give it a go - will back up everything first - many thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: