page builder not loading on main page


I just installed the BB plugin as I wanted to test it. Just heard of you guys so i wanted to see what’s what. I’m currently working on a site with a theme from wpgeodirectory.

After I installed the plugin i’ve noticed that the page builder fails to load on the main page. I’ve went to settings->reading and set the posts page to blank. The front page is static.

A bit confused as to why some pages don’t load the editing menu on the right. Can’t re-create some of the pages as they are automatically created by geodirectory.

Not sure if you can help or if your product is right for me. It seems very responsive and you have good feedback but if i can’t edit the main page is of no big use for me.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hey Chris,

Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

The reason why you can’t edit those pages is because they are dynamically generated by the plugin itself. You should be able to use the Page Builder on any pages that you create manually.

Hope this makes sense.


Hello Ben,

Thanks for the fast reply. Well…i’ve created a page (manually) and then set it as a home page from the reading settings as I want the front page to be static.

Wouldn’t this page be editable by BB? my guess is yes … but the reality is different…am I missing something?


Hey Chris,

Yes, a page you create should be editable by BB. Interesting that this is what you are experiencing! Would you mind sending along temp admin access via the private reply option below so we can take a look?


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Hi Chris,

Ok, I see what is happening now. The reason BB isn’t working on some of your pages (the homepage specifically) is as Ben mentions - Geodirectory. I toggled off the Geodirectory homepage option which then allows BB to run. You can take a look at that page now to see what I mean. I did a bit of looking around and noticed something you may want to look into directly with them. It appears they have a theme compatibility section which I am assuming is because there could be other conflicts with solutions similar to ours. You may want to get in touch with them directly to see if they can take a look and provide a solution. Hope that helps!


thanks for clearing this out…i’ll revert to the geodirectory team and see if they can help.

Thanks again for your time!

Sounds like a plan, let me know what you find out!