Page displaying all garbled in Safari browser

I have a particular page that’s displaying really wrong in Safari browser. It doesn’t do this any other browser. And it’s only this one page on the site. So far as I’ve found. I have almost 100 pages so I haven’t checked them all yet on Safari.

I’m using BB Theme. Please take a look at it and tell me what’s up. This is a site I’m building for a customer so really need to figure it out. I’m at a loss.

Here’s the weird page

Thank you!

Really need help on this one, please.

Problem solved. I had CSS transitions set in the Header>Code>CSS and Safari didn’t like that for that particular page. So, thanks to the suggestions of Billy Young, I was able to correct the problem. I just moved the CSS code from the header and put it on just the homepage which is the only place I needed it.

Just so ya know…

Hey Mark!

Glad to hear this is sorted out and thanks for taking the time to inform us. We appreciate it!