Pages and posts not showing correct max-width


for some reason, all of my interior pages and posts have the content stretching all the way to the edge of the window on each side. Any thoughts??

note: it works correctly on the home page, which is using the page builder.

trying to add css to fix, but it seems to be overriding… ???

Hi Matt (not Grant) :smiley:

Is it possible to get temp admin access, as I can see what is causing the problem, but not sure why.


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Hi Matt,

Do I have permission to disable all active plugins, as I am not entirely sure how this happening. I am also not able to recreate it on my end even when duplicating all your settings.


Absolutely m

Hi Matt,

I’ve just disabled all active plugins except for BB and the pages are now displaying as intended.

Therefore, can you go through each of your plugins enabling them one at a time and see which one is causing the problem. I understand this is a tedious task, but this is a surefire method of finding the culprit. :frowning:

I’ve kept the plugins disabled, so you can see that the pages are now aligned correctly.


thanks, Danny!

found out it was Google Language Translator

thank you once again

one question…(there’s always one :slight_smile:

I see that my shortcode for the footer is no longer working. any ideas why?

nevermind… for some reason, it works when I activated one of the plugins


now it seems to be giving problems again… guess I’m not finished…

any ideas what is causing it? seems like some kind of css is added/removed, no?

you won’t believe this, but now it is still showing incorrectly, even with ALL of the plugins (except BB) disabled…

Funny thing is, as soon as the page opens, it displays correctly for a nanosecond, then quickly expands to show the content incorrectly…

when I remove my global row shortcode, it shows up correct… Think that’s where problem is. Stay tuned…

Let us know how it goes, Matt! :slight_smile:


I thought problem was that I was using bb shortcode in footer widget, so I turned off footer widgets in customizer and added this code to functions file, as in this post thread

 // Add global footer to footer
 add_action('fl_after_content', 'global_footer');
   function global_footer(){
    echo do_shortcode('[fl_builder_insert_layout slug="global-footer"]');

not sure why I could not get it to work, so I ended up jut adding the content to the footer widgets.

No saved row global footer :frowning:

Hi Matt,

Is the issue now resolved?