Pages in search results have no title links

When I do a search on my BB site (via the menu’s magnifying glass), the search results include both posts and pages. That’s fine, but the pages in the results are showing up with no title links. See here for an example:

How can I get the pages to display title links correctly in the search results?

Hey Steve,

Can you try adding the CSS snippet below and see if it fixes it?

.search-results .fl-content .fl-post-header {
  display: block;

I’ll go ahead and check with the guys if there’s something we can do about it other than forcing the title to show via CSS. Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile:


Yes, that fixed it. Thanks, Ben!

Awesome! And no worries at all, Steve! :slight_smile:

Enjoy BB!


Hey Ben,

This fixed my problem too!!! Thank you so much!


Glad to hear that, Kaiya! Just to give you guys an update though, we’ve already fixed this on our end and should be available on the next maintenance patch. :slight_smile: