Parallax Ad?

Hi Beavers,

I am just wondering if it would be possible to setup “Parallax Ads” with Beaver Builder? Example:

I know that there is the possibility to set a row to parallax and include an image as a background. But would it be possible to include plain HTML Code? (e.g. Google Adsense).

Anyway, I really love Beaver Builder very, very much :smiley:

Best Regards from Austria,


Hey Cristoph,

Good question! I am assuming not with our parallax image background by default. You can however use HTML in an HTML module, but I’m not quite sure if that would give you the desired effect. Does that site you mentioned provide the HTML to accomplish that setup?


Hi Billy,

sorry for the late reply, I have been out of town for a few days. The mentioned site did not provide a HTML code but I will do some tests with a generic code and will reply to you after finishing the tests.

Best Regards from Austria, Christoph

PS: I have subscribed to receive E-Mail follow ups to my topic. But it seems that now I am receiving ALL new topics by mail. Any change to disable these other mails?

Sounds like a plan, Christoph! On the subscription, it sounds like you may have subscribed to the entire thread. To undo that, visit and you should see a subscribe/unsubscribe option in the right corner. Click unsubscribe and you should be good to go!