perhaps big bug in the plugin

Dear bb-team

As I said in an earlier ticket, some of my customers had some issues with the mediagallery uploader from front end. I think I found the following bug in the plugin that could explain my issues:

  1. I run bb-theme and bb-plugin on a multisite installation

  2. If I upload any image through the plugins front-end mediauploader, the image is placed in the wrong directory:

  3. If I upload the same image over the sites backend everything seems to be fine:

–> I think the beaverbuilder’s mediauploader places the images in the wrong date directory! This is pretty bad since if customers upload an image that has the same name as an image the directory 2014 it is overwritten.

Please check if my guess is correct! Thanks a lot

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Hey Dominic,

It’s good to hear from you! I hope business is going well :slight_smile:

I did some testing and it looks like this is the expected functionality. When you upload media to a post, whether on the post edit screen in wp-admin or in Beaver Builder, it uploads it to the folder with the date of the post. If the post was created in 2014, it will upload to that folder even if you’re uploading in 2015.

The only time it looks like it uploads to the folder with the date of the upload is if you do it from the media screen in wp-admin.

So, maybe this isn’t the issue. Can you tell me a little more about the problem that your customers are having?


Hey Dominic,

Ben just pointed me in the direction of the thread you mentioned. Didn’t realize that had more info on your issue. I’ll respond there.