Photo gallery (thumbs)

I use photo gallery (same size gallery) and I would like to change the size of thumbs, they are too smaller, is it possible ?

and sorry, I would like to show images or photo description in zoom, is it possible ?

Hey Sandra,

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Sorry to say, but there is no BB setting to change the size of the thumbnail. The only way around that would be to override our Gallery module. Check out the link below for more info.

If you want to proceed with overriding the module, you’ll want to change the frontend.js file under /modules/gallery/includes/. Change the value of itemWidth on line 31. It’s by default set to 150.

Showing the caption on lightbox is not possible as well. We do have a feature request for that so if you’ve a minute, feel free to vote for it!

Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you.


Ok thanks a lot Ben for your help !

No worries, Sandra! Let us know if we can assist you further. :slight_smile:


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Awesome! Enjoy! :slight_smile: