Please Help Unable to edit my Blocks of Text

I am unable to edit my Blocks of Text ?

I was able to do this but now i am unable to when i click the box the editor opens but wont show me or allow me access to my text please help this is scary

May be there have JS error. Check your console log. Are you getting something there?

How do i do that this only happened today it was Okay yesterday i have deactivated my WP optimize but nothing else has changed im really worried as i have tons i need to do pleas help. Nothing happens whn i click it just does nothing the admin panel opens but the text doee nothing it wont let me even see it on the admin panel

i cant do anything it wont let me update any blocks im really worried

If you give me the wp-admin access via private message then I can look for you.

I am having the same issue. Did you fix your problem?