Please help with Row settings / CSS selectors

First, as I mentioned a week ago, when I apply color to Row Settings, it is not being applied to Text Module I place in that row. Text inherits color set in global styling.

When I create CSS Selector for the Text Module and create custom CSS for that selector, I must add !important to get it apply. Then for some reason it applies globally the entire BB page. So, for example, all headings on the page are white when I only set the headings for the top text module to be white.

So I’m still left with only one option – changing text color in Text Modules inline, something I prefer not to do.

Would appreciate some help here.

So I deactivating every single plugin except Dynamik and BB, then recreated CSS styles for top text module. They applied correctly to the Text Module using !important.

However, this absolutely did not work until I deactivated every plugin but Dynamik and BB. This is a new site and had 16 plugins installed – pretty much the core set up of plugins I use on Dynamik sites.

I reactivated one at a time and all is still well, however, this would not work until I first deactivated all plugins.

So I’m left wondering why… same CSS selector, sames styles, but would not apply until I deactivated all plugins.

Would like to understand so that I can make a workable plan in the future.

Hi Yael,

Sorry to hear about the issues. I am thinking this may be a setting in your theme or Dynamik as text color would inherit whatever text color you select at the row level or even the column level if you would prefer. Unfortunately, I’m not hugely familiar with Dynamik, but you may want to look around in the settings there as a starting point as it works as it should using both the BB theme and plugin.

Re. the second post, that is weird! If you aren’t seeing any errors, we’re at a loss as to troubleshooting that, but if it comes up again, try deactivating and testing with each plugin to see if you can narrow down a culprit. Sorry again, Yael, let us know if you run into anything further and we’ll certainly take a look!


Hi Yael,
just posted this: CSS. Perhaps this helps.

If you work with Dynamik (which is great) you should be in detail familiar with what Eric Hamm (the developer) talks about in his videos. Yes, it takes time to watch them all but if you want to get the most out of Dynamik you should do so: Dynamik Videos.


Hi Yael,

If one of those plugins is a caching plugin, that could be the source of the issue. Best practices is to always disable them while actively working on the site :slight_smile:


Nope, it wasn’t Lyle. I never activate caching plugin until site is live, not during development.