Posts Module: negative category filter

I’m trying to have two separate blog-like-structures on my site. One blog will be all categories but category x. The other blog will category x only.

Setting this up in BB would be straight forward if I new all my categories. But I will be adding categories as I build out the blog.

So it’d be simpler if I could exclude a listed category. But the pop up instructions seem to indicate that one can only include a listed category. Is there any way I can use an exclude rule?

Hey Thomas,

Sorry to say but that’s not currently possible. We already have a similar request on our User Voice so if you’ve a minute, feel free to vote for it on the link below.

If you know PHP, you can try creating your own custom module or override our Posts module. Check out the docs below for more info.

Hope this helps!


Ok, thanks. I just voted for that change.

No worries at all, Thomas! Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: