Pre-Sales question for use with Dynamik

Nearly ready to buy Beaver Builder plugin for use with the Dynamik Website Builder.
I have two questions first.

  1. I have an EZ homepage set up and would like to use some of the BB plugin modules within my EZ homepage widgets, is that possible? IE) I would like to use some of the styling options such as the call-outs, etc… Also, is it possible to add another row with columns on an EZ homepage set up? For example, Dynamik only allows 3 rows, could BB be used to add a 4th row?
  2. The website I am designing is an important one to be in use for years. If/when this BB plugin expires (is no longer being developed), will it become incompatible with WP and I would lose my formatting?
    Thank you!

Hi There,

Thanks for getting in touch and for your interest! I’m not too familiar with using Dynamik and BB together although several of our using take that route and report great results! I would assume BB would work hand in hand perfectly with your combo, but what I would recommend is to download the demo version via this link, upload it to your site to give it a shot.

Re. #2, we have no plans of ever stopping development of Beaver Builder, however, to answer your question, if BB is deactivated or removed from your WordPress installation, the content will simply migrate right into the WordPress editor. Let us know if you have any further questions and thanks again for your interest!


I asked a similar question and the answer is no. But I would be interested to know why you would do the workflow as you described. Why not right away layout the homepage in BB which is much quicker and easier to do. I work with WP, Genesis, DWB and BB quite a while.

Regards, Leo

Another Gen + DWB + BB user here.

+1 to what Leo says.

For EACH page (or post, if enabled), you do it ALL in one OR the other :slight_smile:

Therefore, as Leo says, you would not use EZ Homepage at all and simply use a regular WP page and BB to create the desired layout … and add as many rows (and other goodies) as you like (need) :slight_smile: