Pre sales questions

Hi this looks really good!

Is there a trial version?
If i start of using the trial version can i later switch to the payed version?

Hi There,

Thanks for getting in touch and for your interest in our product! Yes, we do have a Lite version you can download for free on the WordPress repo. Feel free to download that and give it a shot. You can switch to a paid subscription at any time! Thanks again!


Thanks for the answer!

My main concern is that the website should be really stable and that the support is good in case something goes wrong.

Would it be best to run the beaver builder plugin together with the beaver builder theme then or is there some other themes you could suggest aswell that works really well with the plugin?

Any other suggestions in order to keep it as problem free as possible?

(my experience from wordpress themes before is that it sometimes breaks down for no apparent reason thats why im asking)

Hey There,

Great to hear from you again! Technically, you can run BB with any theme and if issues arise, we are very quick to troubleshoot and release an update. The BB theme is great in that it works flawlessly with the plugin, is lightweight and uses the WordPress customizer for theme customization!