Price table buttons fine tuning

Dear Support,
I added some customization to this price table. The result is that the buttons are positioned now a little down, as i tried to highlight with blue arrows in this picture.

price table

I know its really small thing but since the price table is always so important in a website i would like to make it perfect.
Any hints?

this is the link for the image

Hey Rstagency,

Sorry but did you want to know how to achieve what’s on the image? If so, you can use this CSS snippet.

.fl-module .fl-pricing-table .fl-pricing-table-features {
  margin-bottom: 20px; /* Change the value to what is needed  */

Hope this helps!


Thanks Ben this worked!
Thanks for supporting, this is solved

Anytime, Rstagency! By the way, we currently have a bug on the said module. Please refer to this thread for more info. The fix for this should be on the next maintenance patch which will be released soon.