Pricing Module Absent on Main Site of Multisite

This is a weird one. On multisite, the pricing module is present on child sites, but not the main site.

I’ve tried deactivating/reactivating it, replacing the plugin via FTP, etc, but so far, no change. To make sure it wasn’t a shortcode conflict, I’ve also checked whether it works on blank pages. It doesn’t:


Just kidding.

I deactivated all my plugins only to learn that the modules weren’t active in the plugin settings. This was true for the new tabs modules, too.

This is good, though, because this might happen to another user. It’s good to know the fix is so simple.

Ha! Glad it worked out and thanks for letting us know.

I’ll keep an eye on this next time we release a new module.

It’s supposed to auto activate new modules if you have the “all” checkbox checked. Do you have any modules that are disabled?