Pricing module question

I have a client who is using the pricing module as a menuboard and displaying it on a big Tv screen at his business. It looks awesome, but the problem is that he has too many items and they don’t all fit on the screen. Is there a way to make the pricing module show up as a slide show or something. That way he can have multiple pricing modules showing up one after the other? Also I am loving the BB so far and will be upgrading to the agency package. Is there any documentation to upgrading the existing websites with the plugin/theme?

Hey Sherry,

Cool use, never thought of it being used that way. So, you can place as many pricing modules into a row as you like, however, with real estate in mind, one per row may be the only way to go. You could place them in simultaneous rows, one above, below, etc. Unfortunately, there wouldn’t be any way to display them as a slideshow as far as I know.

Re. The Agency upgrade, awesome! When you upgrade, you’ll just need to deactivate the old plugin and install the new version with license key. This would need to be done on each site you have BB installed in. Nothing will be lost in the temporary switch so you should be good to go there when you are ready!