Problem suppressing the Page name for woo commerce Template Storefront Boutique

I am using the woo commerce template “Storefront boutique”. I installed it and then added the BB plugin and choose the hope template. I went to tools on the Home page and then to global settings and choose “No” in the “Show” box as per the video in the support area. I then saved the settings, but the Page name “Home” still shows up above the hope Template from BB. It used to show up twice. You can see it at I also tried it again on the about page. I read in the forum that you may need to delete the shop page and install it again using BB so I did that with the about page and went through the whole global settings again (which if I understand right should only have to be done once). Anyway “about us” is showing up 3 times and I can’t seem to get it down to the one that comes with the BB About Us content template. What am I doing wrong or What do I need to do in addition.

Hi Vicki,

Sorry to hear about the issues! Would you mind providing temp admin access via private reply so I can login and take a look?


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Thanks Vicki! Ok, for the page header site-wide, it looks like you’ll need a bit of CSS to handle that. I have pasted this below. It would need to go in the stylesheet of your Boutique child theme.

.entry-header {
  display: none;

Let me know if you need anything further!