Problem under 768px width

I’m using the photo module with a text module under it in a 3 column row on several location pages of my site. The problem is, on 2 of the pages, when then page gets less than 768px, the photos all stay together with the text modules staying together below that. See screenshot:
It’s working fine on other pages, see screenshot:

I’ve compared the 2 pages and can’t see a difference in how I set them up. I hope someone else can!
Here’s the link to the pages:
not working -
working -

Thanks so much!

Hey Fran,

The problem on those pages, is that the Text modules are placed on a different 3 column row, not the same 3 column row the Photo modules are using. Check the screenshot below for reference.

The red dashed line is the row and the blue one is the column. You’ll want those Text modules to be on the same column and row as the Photo module, like the screenshot above.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, Ben!
I thought it might be that, but when I looked at it in the builder mode there was no indication of a separate row. I only saw it when I actually tried to move those modules into the same row as the pictures. Thanks for helping me out!


Hey Fran,

No worries! Enjoy! :slight_smile: