Publishing Question

About to publish first time. Before I do that I wanted to make sure I understand: I created a page. It’s blank on text editor side. There’s a page title and that gives me page permalink. I can fill in some SEO stuff and so when I publish it will publish what I created in the Page Builder and it will publish as page with title I created and resulting permalink. Is all this correct? Also, I have not linked it to any section on my website as it’s free floating landing page. So it won’t appear anywhere in the site. Does all this sound right?

Hey Wolf,

I noticed this thread is marked as resolved but I’ll still answer the question just in case someone bumps in.

You can edit anything on the WP Editor side so long as you don’t go back to the Text Editor. What I mean by that is you don’t click on the Text Editor tab. Once you do, and you publish the page, all BB formatting is lost. You can restore it though by simply going back to the Page Builder and republish it.

Also, once you publish the page via the Page Builder, a stripped down version of the layout will be copied over to the WP Editor. :slight_smile: