Questions about full height rows and random active slides


Have a couple questions on features that are coming up in some projects,

Possiblity to set full height rows/images
You already have the possibility to add full width but I haven’t seen any possiblity to eg. make a row full height, like you see the start of this site Any suggestion on how to implement that the best, custom css class?

Possibility to set random order or random active slide in the constent slider module
We have site which we now are rebuilding ( and it has a slider which has a random slide active everytime you refresh. Any suggestion on how that could be done easily, some custom javascript?

Thanks for a great plugin

Hey Wpkonsulterna,

Thanks for getting in touch! Those two features sound great. If you have a minute, you can head over to our User Voice Forums and add those in as Feature Requests!

For now, to achieve full height, you can try using the VH unit type, e.g., you can set a row 100vh and it should occupy 100% of the viewport height. More of that here.

Regarding the random active slide per refresh, you can use our slideshow module or background. It has a randomize option and you can set the speed to 3600 seconds. That makes it show a random slide every refresh.

Hope this helps!