Read more link not working

Hi guys,
thanks for all your great effort. I have a challenge with a clientsite at, where I used the post module but the “read more” tag isn’t working and just links to the homepage instead of each individual article.

The site also uses the BB-Child theme and the error is new to me, since it works on my own sites just fine.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
all the best,

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Hey Mattis,

Hmm! That’s an odd one. I am not sure why the links aren’t working.

This isn’t standard behavior, so I would guess that either a plugin or your theme might be interfering with the read more links. If possible, could you try disabling plugins on the site and see if that fixes the problem? If not, could you try enabling another theme? Let me know if either of those options are doable and what the results are. Thanks!

  • Robby