Recaptcha in reg form woo

Hey poeple,
I would like to have a recaptcha in de reg form from woo,
I rebuild a site from normal theme to bbtheme, before they had a recaptcha form (plugin) inside the reg form of woo.
Now the theme is changed and the recaptcha does not appear?
Anybody a tip of how to realize this?
Any help wpuld be great

Hi Jack,

This would either require custom code or a plugin to add the captcha to the Woo forms. The best course of action would be to contact the Woo support team and see what they recommend. :slight_smile:

Hoi danny,
I used a plugin but thta doesnt seem to work on the bb theme.
Contacting the woo team is quit difficult because they only answer questions when you have a subscription.
However i could ask on a woo forum on Facebook thats an option.
Thank you for replying.
Wkr jack