Recovery from HTML Module Div bug?

Not reporting anything new.
Known bug with an open div tag busting the structure of the builder for a portion of my webpage.

Looking for work around, or a way to either recover or delete the non-responsive portions.

Hey Naeem,

Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

WordPress’ revisions system still works for BB layouts. Can you try reverting the page to an earlier revision and see if that fixes it?


Thanks for the response Ben.
The last revision save is from 2 weeks ago, way too many iterations between then and now, I will just rebuild it when I need to make additional changes.

Thanks anyway.

Gotcha! If it’s just a missing/extra div tag I think we can still fix it. Can you send temp admin access to the site so we can check? You can post the details here using the private reply option below.