Removing Header Logo for Small Devices

I have the menu centered and it shows a large button for the menu on a small mobile device. The header logo is scaled down above the button. How do I remove the logo on small mobile devices only so that only the menu button is shown at the top?

Hey Neil,

That isn’t functionality baked into the BB theme. You would need to target the logo using some custom CSS and in a media query. This custom CSS could then be put in the code section in the theme customizer or child theme if using one. If you aren’t necessarily familiar with performing that type of code work, a quick google search should get you going in the right direction. Here is some quick and dirty CSS you can play around with in a media query. Note: just inserting the below will hide the logo at any size without the media query. Hope that helps!

.fl-logo-img {
display: none;


Great! Thanks for the quick reply - I’ll get searching! Cheers.