Responsive images src feature... in Carousel module?


I think the carousel module (with the last posts) is not using the src responsive feature.

Any chance to get it working there?


Hey Pablo,

The issue with the Posts Slider and Carousel modules is that WordPress only applies the srcset tag if the image is the same aspect ratio as the original.

Those modules use a cropped image that isn’t the same aspect ratio, so WordPress doesn’t apply a srcset tag. If it did, you would see different crops at different screen sizes. Unfortunately, I don’t have a better answer at this time. Sorry about that.


Could it be possible to use non cropped images for the slider so that’s possible to implement? All my feature images are the same size and ratio already.

Hi Pablo,

I’ve added a ticket to see about getting this implemented, but I can’t guarantee any ETA on that. I’ll let you know when it’s done.


Thanks :wink: