Row-form save update/hook?

Hey fellas, got a question today on firing code when a BB form has been saved (and before the page edits themselves have been saved).

I’ve been working on a plugin to modify rows a tad so I can add some custom functionality above the module level; this means that (as far as I am aware) I cannot use the ‘update()’ override that is available to custom modules in development.

If this is actually in some way do-able on a row level, how would that be achieved? If it is not, is there a hook I can use in place of the update?

Thanks for your time!

Hey Lycidiae,

I’ve already assigned another member of the team who can assist you with your concern. :slight_smile:


Hey Lycidiae,

Are you trying to add new settings to the row form? If so, you probably don’t need to save those yourself, you can let the builder handle it.

If you can elaborate a little more on what you’re trying to do, I’ll get you going in the right direction.


Ben, Justin,

Thanks for your help guys, the quick responses were great!
Yesterday as I was typing up a response to your questions and I realized that I was overthinking my approach to getting the information I wanted.

I am adding my own fields to the row settings form and was using another old field I had worked with before for saving post-specific meta. While that was useful for taking info from BB’s frontend and attaching it to CPTs, I realized it was just getting in my way with this plugin.

I took your advice and started looking directly at the Beaver Builder draft meta as well as the data and got what I was looking for.

For a little bit of context: the plugin I’m working on acts to link up several rows to one another as per user input. The reason for my question was that I needed to be able to access from one row form to the next what the user had input in a given row before the page itself had been saved (the info they set needs to potentially be available across all rows).

With this step out of the way I should hopefully be able to finish up the plugin pretty soon and show it off!

Thanks again,
Pat M

Hi Pat,

Right on! I’m glad to hear you figured it out. Looking forward to checking out your plugin.