Saved Global Module Template


This is a little weird, but I will try and explain it concisely.

  1. I have a global advanced module template saved (but the same thing happens to all of my basic modules as well)

Every time I need to make a change to a global saved template, it doesn’t update globally.

I have to go to each page that that global module was used on and click on page builder, then physically click publish then only that particular page will update. Not any of the other pages.

  1. Example: Today I needed to make a change to my “top of the page optin” form that I use on all of my blog posts.

So, I clicked on one of my blog posts and then clicked on “page builder”

The post came up in page builder. I then went in to the saved global module (in orange) and made my changes.

I then saved the global module and clicked out.

Then I hit the published button and that particular page is updated and changed.

But, when I go to my other blog posts to check and see if the changes were made there as well. No luck.

I have to redo the process of clicking on page builder, going into the global saved module make the changes again then save, publish and clickout. The page is updated.

  1. My question is, is this how the saved global templates are supposed to work?

If not, am I doing something wrong?

It doesn’t make since to say something is global when it doesn’t change throughout the site.

This may seem fine when there is only 3 blog posts or a few pages, but what happens when there are hundreds of posts and pages? I can’t sift through each post and make changes one by one.


  1. My site is

Hi Jerry,

Can you first do a quick test for me and disable WP Rocket, be sure to flush the cache on the plugin before disabling.

Once disabled, go a Global module you have saved and make a change. Publish the changes and see if this changes has affected all other posts/pages that this global module is used on. We advise all users to disable any cache or minify plugins whilst using BB to make changes.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, can you provide temp admin access, please? Also, do we have permission to disable all active plugins if need be and create some pages or posts if required?


Hello Danny,

This was happening before I had WP Rocket.

But I will do as you ask and disable it and try it again.

Thanks again for your help and advice,


No problem, Jerry. Happy to help.


Hello Danny,

I know it’s been a few days. But just a quick update.

Deactivating WP Rocket helped the Global Settings and saving.

Thanks for the fix and tip.

Your support section is one of the top I’ve experienced. And this is on the net and off. And this is coming from a person with 30 years in business experience.