Saving and re-using a row to re-use on other pages

Is it possible to create a row containing modules and content and to save this for use on subsequent pages?

Thank, Gerry

What about a template that only includes the one row? You can append other templates to the same page.

Hi Kelly, thanks for getting back to me with this advice.

I haven’t appended a template yet, I’ll have a look at this option.

Thanks, Gerry

Hi Gerry,

The ability to save a row as a useable element isn’t a possibility at the moment, but something we have discussed for the future. For now, you can save specific rows as Kelly mentions and reuse them page to page.


I second this feature. Mainly in creating website footers. Can you send help on how you append a template to a page? So this means If I updated the footer in the template, it applies to all pages?

Your suggestion to do appended templates does not work. When you update the template, it does not update on the pages that have that template. I don’t know what he is asking for but the real power in using rows is to make things like headers and footers that can be created with beaverbuilder and re-used on multiple pages. So if I update this one row of data in this block, it updates everywhere on site that is referencing it.

None of Beaver Builder’s templates have the functionality you describe.

Advanced custom fields (options) can accomplish your goal - change once, revised throughout the website.


In the 15 years I’ve been designing websites, the header and footer areas have always been the responsibility of the site designer and not the content provider. Putting the header or footer in at page level is a big “no no” for the simple reason that any edits to the header or footer would need to be done on every single page. Yucky nightmare!

As such the footer and header sections fall under the responsibility of the theme and should not be considered something that Beaver Builder falls short on.

Beaver Builder was developed as a page level drag & drop solution, not a drag & drop site builder like Headway or Builder.

On most themes these days, including the Beaver Builder theme, you can add widgets to the footer, so a simple Text Widget could work as a universal footer. You can technically take that a bit further and have unlimited footers if you use something like the excellent Dynamic Widgets plugin.