Saving templates

Any way to save a template and then make changes to the page and save it again with the new updated settings under the same name just doing a update to that all ready saved template.

Right now i am ending up with 5 or 6 templates of the same page as i keep working on it adding in more to it over time as i work.

Also can i somehow go back into templates and re-name them. With out being able to see them my naming is a bit lost on what each one is.

Hi Edward,

Yes, the ability to save and then edit using the templates interface is available. Upon editing an existing template, it will open a new window, you can make changes, etc. and then a save template button will be available in the top right corner. Using that template going forward would reflect the changes you made. The ability to rename isn’t available yet, but you could always save a template with a new name and delete the old. We’ll be looking into overhauling the template experience this year so stay tuned on great functionality there!