Search & Replace

I often use the same duplicated design to start building on.
Is it possible to have some variables(text) in here so when targeting these variables I can replace the text variables of the duplicated site. So I don’t have to edit everything manually?


Hey AlbatiQue,

I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean by variables but if you are going to be repeating the same layout on multiple pages then you can save the layout as a template by clicking on Tools > Save Template. Then you’ll be able to access this under Templates > Your Templates. If you are to move your templates in between sites, you may do so by exporting just the template under Tools > Export > Templates in WP Admin.


Hey Jun,

Exactly I know about that feature. But in the text of the page template I have a lot of repeating brand names I would just like to quick replace after the export. So I don’t have to do this manually.
So i’m looking for a search& replace functionality to do this.

Hey AlbatiQue,

I just added some brand names to some Header and Text modules. I then ran the Search and Replace script from our KB and replaced a brand name with a completely different one using that script.

You can find and download the script here -

Be sure to perform a back up before running, as a precaution.