Semi-global module/save functions [Feature request]

Let’s say you create a module and set all your settings, and now you want to use it globally, but you want to be able to change the contents of that global module without changing the content on all other places it’s used on. - you can’t

Right now it’s either Global everything or not global at all. In many cases I’ve used the same module on several pages, and later have to manually go into the module on each and every page and change settings.

Basically - Content not global, but settings are. Re-usable global modules with no fixed content.


Are you talking about a specific module or all modules? As most of the content added to modules is added via the settings.

I think the feature thats being added in 2.3 where you can copy/paste module settings will resolve this for you. :slight_smile:

Well, most modules. I understand it’s a new concept that might not work at all, or on all modules.
Copying settings would not solve it, because it would still require me to go through the pages where the module is used, right?

Let’s take the most basic module, text or heading. Here you have the general tab for the content. Style and advanced tab could be included in the semi-functionality. So whenever you use that semi-global module and want to update the style of it, it will be a global style update.

I guess the CSS is generated for each module. So the semi-global module would just need its CSS to follow in the stylecheat BB generates.

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I’ll share your idea in our next meeting. I can’t promise it will be implemented, but our developers will definitely look into your idea. :slight_smile:

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I am looking for this kind of feature for quite some time now. It would make the process of creating and managing sites so much easier and the end result would be much more consistent. I really like how this works in Adobe XD (